Friday, 21 May 2010

Theresa May on Question Time

So our part-time Minister For Equality ( HA. HA.) announced on last night's Question Time that she has decided gay adoption is NOT actually a sin. Well gee, thanks for being so fair and all. But before we all start patting her on the back for shedding off trashy, disgusting ideals, it seems prudent to point out that her reason was child-centred rather then parent-centred. The emphasis was on giving care-of-the-state children the best type of home start rather then allowing prospective gay parents the same rights as their heterosexual peers. And as the question she addressed was on adoption, we are still none the wiser on whether she maintains her other homophobic and anti-choice stances against transgender rights, abortion rights and IVF help for lesbian parents. I'd like her to prove me wrong, but I think behind the Elnett coiffure and Ralph Lauren suits, May is just your standard, Conservative bigot-demon.

I think the 69, 395 people who signed this petition feel the same.

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