Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Nicki Minaj's no homo

My heart sunk lower then a really flexible chick doing the limbo when I read this. Nicki Minaj, my favourite new supposedly bisexual rapper has backtracked quicker then Perez's Miley Cyrus-in-no-panties-shocker post and told Black Men magazine that she's NOT down with the cooch. WTF. So after all the dykealicious lyrics and public pervings over Amber Rose and Cassie, she's dropping the biggest NO HOMO evah?

"I don’t date women and I don’t have sex with women. That’s, of course, until Cassie comes available."

Whatevs. Make up your got-damn mind already.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Bikini girls with machine guns.

Yet another lady musician half naked on the cover of Rolling Stone. I'll give em this one though cos the nekkid attire is just regs for Gaga really. Points for the bob and Tank Girl channelled gun-bra.

Friday, 18 June 2010


I could try putting my shock, disgust and horror into words, but some of the wonderfully coherent and informed F-Word readers have covered most of what I'm thinking and feeling in the comments section following this article: 

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kiana Firouz gets to stay. And live.

Word around the campfire is that Kiana Firouz, the Iranian LGBTQ film maker whose plight launched a viral support campaign has been granted asylum here. Activism and home office harassing at its darndest best.

Suffrage exhibition

Had a teary, life-affirming trip to this today An intimate exhibition celebrating the suffragettes at a pokey, sweetly shabby museum on the 3rd floor of the Old Town Hall in Richmond, Surrey. It's free and running til September.

Astounding to remember that less then a century ago, women were throwing themselves under horses and enduring force feeding torture and prison to get the voting rights we have now. Glad to see the likes of Pamela Coleman Smith and Princess Sophia Duleep Singh given some shine too. target="new"

"If anyone can make cunnilingus unappealing, its Aguilera"

Click on the pic for my epic and unforgiving review. Thank FUCK I will never have to listen to this album again.

Megan Fox has a Nietzsche quote tattoo

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music".

Apparently she got it inked after working with Mickey Rourke.

I love this. She is the best thing to happen to the hacktor/sleb word in ages, for so many reasons. I see her as the the ultimate contradictory punkfeminist trying to make it in an industry that requires constant degradation, for a prize that is more often a price. She fucks up and inspires in equal measures and I am going to write an essay on her. Really.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Katie Price possibly 'Stunned' but not probably 'Besotted'

Superdrug have pulled Katie Price's perfumes from their shelves after finding out the bottles that contain the pink-velour clad porno model's cheap scent were being made in Indian sweatshops. Workers were being paid just 26p an hour .

I wouldn't have time for someone who bought anything that paid for Katie Price's boob jobs, horse hair extensions and crayon-thick eyebrow art, but I do pity her in a way alot of my friends don't. Her page 3 past and self-degrading attitude have a majority of people writing her off as a standard albeit entrepreneurial 'slag'. The problem is that behind most 'slags' - as defined in the heteronormative, misogynistic gender-role definition of the word - is a girl who has been neglected and/or sexually abused, often in the family home. I wasnt suprised last year when she told the press she had been raped "more then once" as a younger woman.

Whether she knew about the unethical production or not is unclear. Either way, it stinks.

Necessary respite

....from the tribulations of reviewing Haguilera's Bionic.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Just when I thought my crush had waned

Red lipstick, black bobs, pale skin, pseudo lesbian action involving twin mannequin. How could I not love this?

Saturday, 12 June 2010

When I grow up I wanna be

First in a series of videos from PinkStinks, a UK-based campaign that I have alotta time for. They're aim is to smash the smothering, pernicious 'Princess' system that miseducates young girls into narrow, reality-challenged gender roles, a Capitalist, pink glitter world of baby bottles and cute-sized, plastic household appliances. Thank fuck for that.

So whilst we're all drowning in the testosterone fest of the World Cup, Abi Moore and Pink Stinks have rather neatly slotted in some chat time with Isa Guha from the England Women's Cricket Team. Cos, you know, girls can grow up to be more then apron-clad housewives and Sleeping Beauty wanna-bees.

It's cooltobe.isa_guha from Abi Moore on Vimeo.