Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Katie Price possibly 'Stunned' but not probably 'Besotted'

Superdrug have pulled Katie Price's perfumes from their shelves after finding out the bottles that contain the pink-velour clad porno model's cheap scent were being made in Indian sweatshops. Workers were being paid just 26p an hour .

I wouldn't have time for someone who bought anything that paid for Katie Price's boob jobs, horse hair extensions and crayon-thick eyebrow art, but I do pity her in a way alot of my friends don't. Her page 3 past and self-degrading attitude have a majority of people writing her off as a standard albeit entrepreneurial 'slag'. The problem is that behind most 'slags' - as defined in the heteronormative, misogynistic gender-role definition of the word - is a girl who has been neglected and/or sexually abused, often in the family home. I wasnt suprised last year when she told the press she had been raped "more then once" as a younger woman.

Whether she knew about the unethical production or not is unclear. Either way, it stinks.


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