Friday, 26 February 2010

Blisssssssout. on this.

This album is like not-secret crushes, cherrybrandy ice in July, a tightly rolled joint or three, crystaline beach waves and tiny leather jackets/black eyeliner deluxe.

This is my twenteen album. Twenteen being all the hormonal heart-throbbing and summer gaze of your teen years as lived through your twenties.


I interviewed Dessa of Doomtree before I left for Paris this week. Strictly emailer biz, and though it hurt my heart not to converse in the non-written way, I think it was prolly for the best. If I met her in really real life I would probably melt into a puddle of shyness and idolatry awe. Will someone please get this woman on a UK stage? Thank you.

Interview right herrr

album reviewage also :

Saturday, 20 February 2010


This came out a few days ago. I held off posting cos it's so doomful, but you've prolly seen it already by now anyway.

For those who haven't, a new study has found that women are still blaming themselves/each other for rape. Fix up people, educate yr brains and those around you. F'real.

A Place Of Rage

I found this over at Subtext Magazine.

A Place of Rage - Trailer from Kali Films on Vimeo.

It's a trailer for a 1991 documentary celebrating the contributions of African American women such as Alice Walker, Angela Davis and June Jordan. Director Pratibha Parmar is accepting donations from sponsors who wanna support the upcoming DVD release of the film. Original Subtext post with relevant info here.

Kathleen Hanna being her usual rad self.

Also, get scribing.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Poets and the cold hard coin.

I met a man at the Alternative Press Fair on Saturday. He was part of a poetry collective selling independently printed books and tip toed over almost seconds after I had picked up his own volume.
As a communicator, he was awkward.
He made little eye contact, spoke in pause-heavy half-sentences and seemed tense, defeated.
I bought his book, partly because I appreciate DIY print, partly because I felt an empathic pang for a writer who felt guilty about trying to make their work a source of self sustaining income.

His poems are elegant, humorous and neat, a warming example of the way that the shaky, socially clumsy selves we present to the world can conceal some of the most bright, beautiful and imaginative hearts.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Teach them how to eat, and to seek for peace.

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of Big L's death. Tribute video from D.I.T.C peeps below. Pouring a lil Peppermint tea to the ground; hip hop lost out when he passed over.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Just because

Women I Will Be Swooning Over Live In The Near Future

Gotta pick a pocket or two.

So even though all three voters registered to my home address applied for postal voting forms, we got sent one sorry ballot paper between us. Do we have to write real small and huddle our political choices on one single sheet?

I rang the council to ask if they’d be forwarding on the other two forms, and was informed by a super pompous secretary that the council expects us to photocopy our own ballot papers.

If you want your say in what these dicks do with your council tax (they obviously won’t be spending it on voting paper) you’ve got to provide your own pressed, bleached pulp and an envelope plus postage.

Snow biggie for those of us with unlimited access to the office photocopier, but the tightness of the situation is more ridiculous then the proposed Freedom Pass cut. What next? Provide your own wheels when you use the bus? Raaaasclaat.