Monday, 8 February 2010

Gotta pick a pocket or two.

So even though all three voters registered to my home address applied for postal voting forms, we got sent one sorry ballot paper between us. Do we have to write real small and huddle our political choices on one single sheet?

I rang the council to ask if they’d be forwarding on the other two forms, and was informed by a super pompous secretary that the council expects us to photocopy our own ballot papers.

If you want your say in what these dicks do with your council tax (they obviously won’t be spending it on voting paper) you’ve got to provide your own pressed, bleached pulp and an envelope plus postage.

Snow biggie for those of us with unlimited access to the office photocopier, but the tightness of the situation is more ridiculous then the proposed Freedom Pass cut. What next? Provide your own wheels when you use the bus? Raaaasclaat.

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