Saturday, 12 June 2010

When I grow up I wanna be

First in a series of videos from PinkStinks, a UK-based campaign that I have alotta time for. They're aim is to smash the smothering, pernicious 'Princess' system that miseducates young girls into narrow, reality-challenged gender roles, a Capitalist, pink glitter world of baby bottles and cute-sized, plastic household appliances. Thank fuck for that.

So whilst we're all drowning in the testosterone fest of the World Cup, Abi Moore and Pink Stinks have rather neatly slotted in some chat time with Isa Guha from the England Women's Cricket Team. Cos, you know, girls can grow up to be more then apron-clad housewives and Sleeping Beauty wanna-bees.

It's cooltobe.isa_guha from Abi Moore on Vimeo.

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