Thursday, 27 May 2010

M.I.A tweets Lynn Hirschberg's number in super web beef

It's kinda fun picking over whether Hirschberg's cool shrug quietly scathing take-down of M.I.A is warranted, self-serving, relevant or just plain mean. The cohesive idea of Maya's life and person as a political artist will always be open to dispute, accusation and praise. Personal approval and opinion is obvs a major factor - and always will be for music journalists who have to find the balance between their own subjective assessment and what is generally, all-round fair.

Everyone has their own truths. I heart MIA and her music, but I'm sure there is ego at work, and the moral-political paradox that human beans will always have. That tweet is funny and immature and instant and rude and maybe a little too much and by the same token I'm glad Hirshberg isn't averse to exposing hypocrisy where she sees it. Agitator met agitator and shit kicked off. Pt 2 this weekend when MIA will post what she's calling "the unedited version of the interview". Whether Hirschberg's character assassination is just or nay, it's sure helping the new-album hype generator.

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