Monday, 17 May 2010

The internet, music journalism and How Stuff Works.

I was gonna be all tongue-in-cheek and say "I'm really behind with posting this because Everett True has been praising it for hot minutes" but the sarcasm would be too much even by my standards within the context of Weingarten's so very accurate argument.

Pretty sure a lot of this will go over the heads of non-music-journo types or people who aren't familiar with terms like SEO, but its relevant if you care about hegemony, the awesome sprawling dragon monster of the WWW, what it is doing to music journalism and by extension the wider repercussions (let yr imagination roam).

I agree with Weingarten almost 100%. The problem is that this has been happening for some time, and has the irreversible trend angle of mountain rock landslides. Trying to make a tiny, little independent ship of honest music criticism stay sailing in the gargantuan, click-counting, meta critic ocean is real hard. Possible, but real hard.

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