Friday, 28 October 2011

St. Vincent interview, with bonus triva

Also, tidbits that were shaved off for word count purposes:

-  Clarke played in two bands before joining the Polyphonic Spree: Terminal, a junior school outfit that turned out Iron Maiden covers (Annie rocked a purple Ibanez bass guitar), and heavy noise band Skull Fuckers, a side project that came about during her stay at Berkeley College of Music.
     -  She doesn't own an acoustic guitar. The one she plays on Strange Mercy's end song, Year Of The Tiger, was borrowed.
      -  On Year Of The Tiger: "It’s based on a piano melody my mom used to play when we were little. We used to dance around to it and pretend to be native Americans”.
        -  Clarke will be appearing in the new season of Portlandia, the TV comedy show created by Fred Armison and Sleater Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein; the pair previously featured in her awkwardly hilarious video for ‘Laughing With A Mouth Full OF Blood’. She knew Armison pre Marry Me days after opening a show for him, and met Carrie after a St. Vincent show in Portland. For the record, her favourite Sleater Kinney album is All Hand On The Band One, though we agreed that Dig Me Out had some fine numbers on it too.

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