Monday, 3 October 2011

NYC 2011, part 2

Pilgrimage picture; I did not stay here.

My hotel was situated on a street full of live/silk flower wholesalers.

 Bird on Broadway

 Fat kitteh at Bleeker Street Records. This should be a prerequisite for every rekid shop.

 Joe Jones, Metal Zitar #4 1971

 Carlita Carvalhosa, Sum of Days  
(Gauze curtain maze, hung with microphones/speakers that record and broadcast the chatter and sounds of passing visitors in MoMa's atrium, layering each day's audio on top of the previous, with the oldest fading to whispers as each day/recording is added)

 Romare Bearden, Jazz II Deluxe 1980

Various, Happylife 2010

 Revital Cohen, Phantom 2010
("A novel peripheral nerve interface allows regenerating axons to grow into microchannels incorporating embedded electrodes. This neural implant enables sensations to be inserted to the device, or for activity to be recorded from movements" which I think translates as 'machine that records the twinges of phantom limbs', yes?

 Johanna Bresnick and Michael Clud Hirschfeld, Mouth To Mouth 2006
(The Torah, administered in pill form)
Prayer Companion, 2010
(In which nuns from Poor Clares at St Joseph's in York recieve prayer prompts from a machine that sources people's feelings, worries and concerns from RSS feeds and global news sites)

 Johan Linden and Olivier Gregoire, Check Mate 2009 
(Sexxxy chess board, complete with "diletto" chess pieces)

 Emily Read and Chen Hsu, Homeless City Guide 2007

 Deana Lawson, Thai 2009

 Newark airport sunrise, around 5 a.m

Homeward bound

Major and micro NYC press.The pink, blue and yellow cover is Gay Genius, a queer anthology. I highly recommend you head here to purchase

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