Sunday, 26 June 2011

Women's Library Zine Fest 25.06.2011

More Crackers Please collage by Bill Savage, which served as the backdrop for the Le Tigre karaoke video Keep On Livin', which I am in for about 3 seconds, looking awkward and ginger.

DIY feminist history posters of inspirational women from Shape & Situate zine, #1 and #2, curated by the super lovely Melanie Maddison.

 Joana Vasconcelos by Michelle Mendonca, from Shape & Situate #2 

Jennifer Maidment's cute, smudgy rendition of me, inked on the day, for Rachel House's Feminist Disco Project (see below for a selection of the in-progress display)
Selection from Rachel House's Feminist Disco Project

My haul, including an original 1979 copy of Spare Rib magazine! 

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