Thursday, 2 June 2011

"Mutant and proud"

Jennifer Lawrence should get a medal for managing to make a totally cringe-worthy line of script, which she was forced to say not once but twice, sound only moderately sappy.

Things I liked:

Jennifer Lawrence and her totally rad acting skills.
Fassbender, turning out a smokin' young Magneto.
January Jones in diamond form. Hot damn.

Things I did not like

Kevin Bacon as Shaw. No cravat! Shaw is hulking, hairy, intimidating and charismatic. Bacon is far too lean/serpentine to pull this off.
January Jones as Emma Frost. JJ has that ice-blonde thing down fer sure, but Emma, for all her coolness, is also mad sexy and totally at ease in ridiculously teeny outfits. Felt like I was watching a super frigid Betty Draper play dress-up. Uncomfortable.
The script. Painful in places. See above.
Travel sickness. Too many scene/location/era changes.
Pervading lack of atmosphere/true suspense. 
Too many plots spoil the broth/film etc.
You know things are bad when you find yourself willing the montages to be over. Zero fun!

 Things I am undecided on:

James McAvoy, doing Xavier's early smugness exceeding justice. I suppose I prefer to think of Charles as a wizened prof, bald and nobly transcending the ego/mistakes of his youth.

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  1. 'also mad sexy and totally at ease in ridiculously teeny outfits.'

    I don't know about early-Emma being like this - I always felt she learnt her confidence with time.