Thursday, 14 April 2011

Record Store Day 2011 and unashamed vinyl sniffing

Inspired by Record Store Day and John Doran's elegant defense of good old fashioned rekkids: a choice selection from my own crates. Some of these were inherited (albums I was weaned on), some were paid for (as in a physical cash transaction  - no clicking/shipping involved), and some were presents. I remember the story of each one and all of them are dear to me, for different reasons.

Descriptions where the picture/font/words ain't doin' it.

The Breeders - Safari EP

Babes In Toyland Fontanelle LP (cherry pink vinyl)

Bessie Smith - The Worlds Greatest Blues Singer (double disc)

 Signed L7 single a- Andres/Stuck In Here b- Bomb/Shirley

White Lung - Its The Evil
The Holez (Hole)/The Monkeywrench split single Germs tribute a-Circle 1 b- Shutdown
Cocorosie - God Has A Voice And She Speaks Through Me
YYYs - Cheated Hearts

Calamity Jane/Rockin Rod split single c-Strychnine
Signed Daisy Chainsaw single a-Love Your Money b-Get Real Pleasure
Tune Yards (ltd edition) a-Gangsta b-Bizzness

Babes In Toyland single (purple vinyl) a- Bruise Violet b-Magic Flute/Gone

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