Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bilal interview

"I wanted to create something similar to what Marvin Gaye did with 'What's Going On'. It's about life, everyday people, everyday struggles.”

The only interview where my Dictaphone has failed me. Despite fresh batteries and a test run, my trusty lil Olympus crashed just 2 minutes in to our transatlantic phone call (hour and half Tune Yards convo from New York had eaten up all but the last memory capacity). I had to type out Bilal's answers in real time! Really fast! He was a real cool cat. We talked about moving on from Interscope and a botched 2nd album, how church choirs and Philly's jazz veterans shaped his aesthetic, and why he's more of a blues man then the neo-soul kinda fella everyone thinks he is.

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