Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Marilyn, the last sessions

As a major Monroe fan, I totally get the ongoing fascination, but riffling through transcripts from her therapy sessions for prime time TV entertainment seems totally unethical; like some kind of gross psychic autopsy. I detest the idea that the death of a face/body who has become a complex part of  cultural history/iconography give us any kind of ownership rights or free-pass into their heads. 


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  1. I *totally* agree (which is why I decided not to watch).

    Mind you, so much of what has been written about her smacks of exploitative opportunism, cashing in/playing on her emotional vulnerabilities and volatile mental state - I'd say the majority of literature devoted to Monroe feels uncomfortable and intrusive, revealing things you feel you just shouldn't know - so this TV show isn't really surprising.

    Totally hideous and depressing, but not surprising.

    P.s - Let's have a Monroe day!