Tuesday, 29 March 2011

DELS interview

"The political rhetoric on his track 'Capsize' (“Kick down the doors of Parliament for the truth”) is also, albeit in a different context, concerned with youth culture. “I left the end of the lyrics in 'Capsize' open because politics is something I'm interested in but don't really understand. I think that's a problem for a lot of young people. The media don't make it easy for them to understand what's going on.”"

My Tour Dates interview with Big Dada artist DELS, on the power of hip hop's story narratives, challenging the (problematic/bastardized) tradition of "keeping it real" with something more authentic and personal via "out-there" fantasy, addressing the exclusionary nature of politics and where this leaves youth culture, and his plans to create new mediums by merging music and graphic design. BIG.

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