Monday, 9 August 2010

Get your learn on

I didn't have a big enough word count to cover it in the final draft of my recent interview with the man, but Sage Francis is one of the heads behind this rather rad site 

"We are a grassroots, web-based community dedicated to chronicling and resisting corporate attacks on democracy, worker's and human rights, fair trade, business ethics and the environment. Our shared goal of a more informed and conscious consumer is being accomplished via this website: a vast database of easily searchable corporate and political info designed to aid responsible citizens, progressive thinkers and activists. We are not affiliated with any political party, candidate, or PAC in any way. Our primary objective is to provide an independent, objective source of information to our readers about some of the most crucial, contested topics of our time". 

You can search for brands and get hard info on how these corporations exploit both environment and workforce.  How did those kicks your wearing get made? Who suffered slave labour conditions to make those toys you throw away after a Happy Meal?

Bookmark it nuh? 

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