Monday, 8 March 2010

Internation Women's Day

Today, I'm sparkly eyed aware of all the great, great feminists - in both my own extended circle of family, and the wider global homespace, boy, girl, past, present, still to come - who plant those little seeds of revolution in the turf each day, who cry out proudly or quietly destabilize the patriarchal dynamic with small, covert acts of notebook/sticker action. My heart beat quickens when I see/hear/listen/read/watch/take part in these small&enormous acts of fucking CHANGE and yeah, i do have my Much Finer moments, but mostly I believe we can get this thing Done.

Pertinent UK events for yr body n spirit:

I think I feel the flush of super list coming on. Until then, link yourself silly.

If the feminist revolution had a soundtrack, you'd be reading about it here:

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