Saturday, 23 January 2010

Guilty guilty pleasures

Oh Nicki. I'd be willing to give your in-progress MCing skills a fledgling chance if you weren't so outspokenly out for the paper.

Her nasal delivery, big blinking eyes and on-stage Tina Turner strut definitely do it for me, and the lesbian rumours, Amber Rose appreciation and half-alluded to dykeness in both interviews and lyrics have me crushing like a mofo.

Logistically, the recent Cassie/Nicki hook up should have been reasonably tasty, but fell equal parts yuk and meh.

Apparently, Nicki "only stops for pedestrians, or real bad lesbians". I would hope this includes real bad bisexuals too because Kanye's girl Amber Rose has been quoted as a paid member of the Minaj Fan Club. Niiiice.

Promisingly, Nicki's joint on the upcoming Ludacris album is rumoured to be pure fiyah. Now that's what I want to hear.

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