Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Well I think the good book is missing some pages

Part 7 of my more! magazine column is out! You'll find T Swizzle on the front cover, and my pale self in leopard print tights, red lipstick and snazzy gold shoes on page 52. This one is super personal, since its all about loving someone who isn't totally out, and the pains of navigating queer love/coupledom under the black cloud of religious, homophobic family/in-laws.Compacting all those important life experiences into 500 word articles can be a challenge, but I was glad of the word count boundary when I wrote this piece; Its a delicate dance, committing yr intimate life trials to print, and more so when those experiences are weaved in with yr nearest and dearest's. I had to meditate a fair bit on how much I was willing to share with this column, and in the end I decided that including the messy, sad, challenging truths was important. I'm proud of what I/we have managed to forge out of those things.

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