Tuesday, 13 November 2012

More more more

Peep this week's issue of More! magazine to catch the first instalment of my big, gay column on coming out. Feels sweet to be writing for a magazine I  perused during my pre-babydyke years; I'd leaf through a bunch of 'zines each week in the local newsagents while munching on penny sweets, but More! was one of my preferred reads during those mid/late teen years, mostly because they could be relied upon for the kind of kinky problem-page letters that didn't make it into the more prudish teengirl publications. Also, they boasted the much-loved Position of the Week feature, which I'm very glad to say is STILL RUNNING! Seasoned queers, this is lighter fare than my DIVA stuff, and aimed at the young bi-curious/not-yet-out types (yay that I can be a part of helping heterocentric teen media cater for this demographic!) but worth a peep for some racy moments and ritesofpassage giggles. Go check it!

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