Friday, 28 January 2011

RIP David Kato

Moments like these shatter me. Sometimes, I forget that being gay/queer/trans is still such an burning-torch-and-waving-pitchfork issue for the right wing nut jobs of this world.  Because I live on a patch of the world where my sexuality isn't illegal, I cannot make peace with the truth that people still bleed to defend their right to love and be loved. Maybe its a Western privilege, maybe its a survival instinct; because mostly we all just want to get on with living, and to exist in a space where your queerness is a constant source of fear/shame/danger sux.

Kato's death has me thinking about the question of OPTION, and how much of this we have when we chose to celebrate/fight for our queerness, openly. Moments like these file down my bright, queer universe to a sharp, acute point and I lay flat, thinking about how the English language will never be big enough to verbalise the seas of love and respect I have for people like David Kato. RIP.

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