Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Going bersurqa

(Amazing puns aside), what the F.

French MPs have voted 335 - 1 to ban the burqa. Women who are "caught" wearing them could be fined 150 euros whilst men forcing women to wear them could be jailed. Closer to home, the Tory party have obviously been inspired:

My own thoughts on the burqa as a feminist issue are equivocal, but I think we should be talking about the fact that mostly white, mostly upper class, mostly heterosexual, mostly privileged men are aggressively attempting to use the law to dictate what Muslim women can or cannot wear.

I think we should be talking about the anti-Muslim agenda  inherent in this legislation, and the wider implications this has for everyone, everywhere. I don't think this is about safety (though there is a case for it), and the idea of  privileged Western man "liberating" veiled Muslim women by using state control to demonise their religion is so farcical it makes me wanna vom.

This is a big deal, whether your a Muslim, a female, both, or neither.

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